Healing Services

Claudia’s Healing Techniques Include:

Brain Stem Healing
This is a technique which reprograms and focuses the energies of the brain stem to transform and heal cells and various parts of the body.

Aletia-Magnetic-Love Energy Transfer
a.k.a. the “oil change” of the energies
This is the permanent removal of negative or minus energies held in our bodies from previous experiences. While we require the lessons and warnings so as not to get into those situations again, we no longer need these energies eating us up. This method replaces those old tired energies with a new combination of Love and Magnetic  energies. This treatment is done in 5 sessions, 10 – 15 days apart. This is especially effective at this time while we are under more and more stress in our daily lives with mounting pressures at work and busy family activities. This treatment helps to align our energies to the planet’s new vibrational energies, which are higher today than they have ever been. Yearly or semi-yearly boosters are highly recommended to keep you at optimal energy levels.

Lasor Crystals
These crystals have been programmed with the Magnetic Master Lasor’s energies to help boost the immune system by keeping the magnetic field around the organs intact strengthening the Qi and Magnetic energy systems of the body.


Cobra-Serpent Energies
Widely used in Europe, these crystals are programmed with the wisdom of the Cobra-Serpent. This energy is extremely powerful. It is a system by which the energies of dis-ease are removed from the body. These are often used in conjunction with regeneration crystals. (Please note these are NOT Kundalini energies.)


Regeneration Energies
These crystals have been programmed with regeneration energies to promote cell regeneration and faster healing. They can be used alone or in conjunction with Cobra-Serpent energies. See Photos page….


Healing Paddles
Paddles of specific geometric shapes which combine magnetic energies with colour-vibrations. They are used in many different ways on a body to enhance healing, alone or in conjunction with other healing methods. Also used to cleanse the Aura or to enhance spiritual growth. They are a very effective tool on house pets, i.e. cats/dogs but also on livestock i.e. horses or cows. See Photos page for pictures of the horses that I used Healing Paddles on.


Animal Services
Many of the above healing techniques can be used on our pets. Especially effective are the Regeneration crystals to promote faster healing.  Animals love all types of energy. My dogs love to be in the energies of crystal patterns and will insert themselves whenever I have pattern laid out. See Photos page for other animals that I have had the privilege of working with.


Ray/Crystal Children
I offer crystals, used in a set of 9, for the specific support of ray children to ease the burdens of life and the vibrations of our social world. These crystals are programmed specifically for the individual child depending on their dominant vibration. I also offer a convenient case in which to hold the 9 crystals for ease of use. Cases sold separately.

20150614_153636_resized 20150614_152954_resizedRemote Healings
Remote or distant healings available via email,  telephone or Skype.

CONTACT  Tel: 647-688-7503  Email  claudia.yoursoulscontent@gmail.com   or   claudia@yoursoulscontent.com
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