About Crystals

There are many different types of crystals. Although I have many different crystals in my house and office for general aesthetic and vibrational use, I generally use clear quartz crystals for healing as their application is quite varied. They are the most powerful crystals and have amazing magnifying properties.

Crystals have many fields of applications and, in certain formations and patterns, create different resonances and energy-fields. Their primary function is to serve as conductors and amplifiers of energies. Crystals can be programmed- either temporarily or permanently for a certain purpose – with different energies or colours; larger crystals can be programmed with the energy of a spiritual master.

Small crystal-points can be used to purify and energize drinking water. Crystals are ideal to use for ill house-pets such as cats and dogs, or even larger animals such as pigs, cows, and horses.

Broken crystal-parts can be placed into the dirt in the garden or house-plants. Crystals neutralize energies of PCs, TVs or micro-wave ovens (tape a small crystal into each corner of your device, all pointing to the center.

For adults: a pattern of 3 regular crystals, approximately  8oz. to 12oz. in size, can be placed under the bed (either on the floor or under the mattress), 1 below the head/pillow, one on each corner of the foot of the bed, all crystals pointing toward the center of the bed. This pattern creates a permanent revitalizing energy field, and keeps the immune system strong.

Always use small crystals for children! From the age of 12, larger crystals can be used if the person feels compatible with the energy.

Larger crystals can serve to neutralize rooms from water or ley-lines, and very large crystals are used for houses or other properties.

Crystal Ray children:

Have you ever wondered why your children are so sensitive, sometimes difficult to control, uncomfortable with some people, adults, teachers? Are they comfortable spending time alone? Are they hyper and maybe stubborn? Have you found that your children demand answers and will only accept truth? What motivates your children?

More and more of our children, as well as young adults, have come into this world with higher more finely tuned vibrations.  This is especially true now as the vibrational frequencies of our planet continually rise.
These children have come here not only with beautiful vibrations, but have a higher purpose. They have come specifically to balance the energies of the earth in such fields as: love and grace; magnetic integration and expansion of Magnetic science; balancing nature/earth; Magnetic flow of polarity-balance; integration of body and mind – psychology; polarity of Science and Mathematics; soul nourishment and protection – Angels; re-establishment of spirit on oneness and balance of earth entities i.e. fairies, gnomes, elves. Mostly these children have a combination of these energies, and will need help to live in our current society. They come to this life spiritually aware, and in tune with their souls.
I am now offering crystals to help support these children, and practical solutions for their parents, to stay more connected to their energies and go forth in this world with courage and confidence.
As we evolve, so do our children.

Please watch for upcoming discussions on Ray Children.


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