Crystal Ray child – Parent/Child Workshop

Crystal Ray Children Workshop – 2-3 hours

Learn Who they are, why they are here and what their unique challenges are.

What is your role as parent?

This is a chance to meet with other parents, and children to share your unique experiences and receive the help that you need.

You and your children will learn a meditation and tools to protect yourselves.

Ideas and information for support, building a support system, as well as

individually programmed crystals available for your child.


Rev. Claudia Dale studied under Frank Alper, pioneer in metaphysical teachings and healing who developed a unique program for identifying and helping Ray children. Rev. Claudia has unique experience with her own Ray children, and personally understands the challenges involved.

The Hidden Key/Spirit of Tarot, 249 Murray St, Brantford, On


New Moon/Fall Equinox Meditation Sept 20, 2017 – The Hidden Key/Spirit of Tarot, 249 Murray St, Brantford, On

We continued the theme that began with the Solar eclipse, and released that which no longer served, healed the chakras, and brought new goals into focus. “Heather, it was yet again a pleasure to serveand conduct this meditation. Lookin forward to the next one!”


 Stay Tuned for more guided Meditation Evenings coming shortly

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