About Us

“While choosing the name I had realized that I wanted the name of my company to reflect the way you feel after a healing – “Content”.   It is my wish that in all healings you feel comfortable, safe and above all… loved!” – Rev. Claudia Dale

Mission Statement

“My mission at ‘Your Soul’s Content’ is to help people connect with their true essence. I believe all people should be able to conduct their lives from a place of love, truth and self-grace.”

Claudia believes the key to true healing is Identifying and Acknowledging what is hidden deep inside the chakras, thereby allowing us to live in confidence and self grace.

“Healings are performed either remotely,  hands on or in combination with crystal patterns.  I help to restore the proper vibrational frequencies, releasing vibrations created by our circumstances  that contribute to create energetic “dis-ease” in our bodies. We need to come back to basics, to our true selves, our minds, our souls and ultimately live our lives in Love and Joy”
– Rev. Claudia Dale


From a very young age, Claudia has always been attracted to all spiritual things and people. She embraced her path in 1994, when she met Frank Alper, founder of the Arizona Metaphysical Society, pioneer in healing techniques, crystal patterns, and magnetic energies. She continued her spiritual and healing education with Frank, her mentor. Most recently Claudia has been ordained and begins her Ministry with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. To read more about Rev. Claudia’s ministry, please see My Declaration page. In pursuit of healing arts, knowledge and technique, Claudia has traveled to such spiritual places as Pheonix, Sedona, Mt Shasta, Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge. She has also visited numerous sites in Peru and Bolivia including Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca with esteemed guide Jorje Luis Delgado . Claudia also serves as North American representative of Adamis International.

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