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Who are ray children?

I love ray children. These are children who have come here for the specific purpose to help heal our planet in various ways. Now to understand this, it helps to believe in reincarnation. These are souls who have learned all of the lessons they needed to but are now here for a specific purpose. They are not to be confused with highly evolved souls, which basically you see in most mediums, psychics and healers. These kids are karma free, they don’t need to learn any of the lessons we do. They started trickling in about 30 years ago or so, but now there are a great number of them and they will continue to grow. There are 9 different rays, associated with different functions, and they all have a different combination of rays, most often 3 of these rays will be predominant. They will help with things like our connection to the earth, and nature, animals, and will create new ways to heal the earth and our environment. They will be instrumental in the expansion of magnetic science, and technologies, they will integrate the connection between mind and body in fields such as psychology, some will work with angels, fairies and gnomes, some will even be in contact with the Ashtar commands, which fits right in with the galactic age that we are coming into.

What are the unique challenges for ray children?

Because they are so evolved, they often will not have the patience to sit through our current educational system, and simply won’t want to. They may display ADD type symptoms and can sometimes be put of medication that is necessary or even detrimental to their systems. I speak from personal experience here with one of my own children. The challenges will be socialization and balance for these kids. Rounding out their education and offering social balance in the form of sports or friends is vital because they will often just want to play with their angels or only deal with math or science or whatever it is they are here to do. They can fall into addictive behaviours if not carefully nurtured, something as simple as overuse of video games. Many of them are quite the clear channels of spirit and knowledge, so understanding this is vital.

I offer individually programmed crystals that will help them to stay grounded or centered, more themselves because they can sometimes feel alien to the rest of the world. I also offer support and strategies to the parents.

Have you had personal experience with ray children?

Yes, both of my children are ray children, although of different rays, but some overlap to be sure. I’ve had the experience…. They require truth, and answers to their questions, and will often come up with the most profound anecdotes at a very young age. My youngest who was barely talking at the time was watching me swim with my other son on parent day. He noticed that his father never came to swimming lessons and asked his father about this, who made some appropriate excuse… Well he turned around and looked his father squarely in the eye and said “Daddy, some day you are just going to have to face your fears!”

They will also, no matter how hard you try to ask them to study, not study and still get honours. Allowing them the time to pursue their interests is vital, but so is teaching them balance to survive in our current vibrational atmosphere. They are the ones changing the frequencies, and we are seeing their solutions coming to light every day.

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