Energy Work and Healing for Animals

April 20, 2015

In today’s society, we are all looking for alternative and more holistic ways to heal not only ourselves, but our most beloved friends – our pets or our animals. They are as much a part of our lives and as important to us as our children, our spouses, our best friends and our families. In many cases, our pets are even more important than that and become our best friends, keepers of our secrets, givers of unconditional love and they are ALWAYS happy to see us. Of course, we want the best for them.

Sometimes, with purebred breeds such as Greyhounds, some of the standard usages of medications are not the best solution for our dogs. We all choose our veterinarians very carefully, making sure they have greyhound experience (recognizing that not all experience is even), and that the amount of medication and especially anesthesia is carefully monitored. The emergency vet that I recently used, even went so far as to “not” use any freezing when stitching up the latest indignity in the form of a small but worrisome lesion on tender legs. Our Greys are such troopers and so stoic! In this particular incident my little girl did get pain meds and although she walked just beautifully beforehand, as soon as protective bandages were administered she suddenly suffered from “broken leg syndrome” and developed a very exaggerated limp! What a “ham”!

Despite all of this wonderful and necessary medical talent that we are so gratified to receive, we can do other things adjacent to regular medical treatments. For instance, there are many alternative solutions that we regularly administer on our own to ensure the health and well being of our loved ones in the form of natural human grade insecticides, flea powders, colloidal silver to mention a few. We employ chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists and techniques to correct musculo-skeletal issues, use Ultrasound and Interferential Current (similar to TENS) machines to reduce inflammation and pain. Many people have also turned to various “Energy Healing” techniques, as they are much less invasive to both humans and animals.

Most of us will agree that we are able to communicate with our animals on a silent level. We know when they are happy or sad, agitated or simply mischievous based upon their behaviour or the look in their eyes. We also acknowledge that our dogs know and read us very well. We don’t have to tell them how we are feeling. We don’t have to tell them if we plan to take them for a walk, they seem to inherently know whether we project those intentions or not. Most of all, we have all seen our animals respond immediately to someone who doesn’t like, is fearful of, or is allergic to them. Have you ever experienced an animal immediately zoning in on the one person in the room who is allergic? It’s almost as if they are saying “What is wrong with you? Why don’t you like me?” as they are steadfastly in your company’s face?! So it’s safe to say that animals communicate with the world around them on a vibrational basis as well.

Energy Healing operates on a vibrational basis or frequency. This is why animals respond so well to healing. These energies can be described as coming from God or Universal energies. Many crystals have specific measurements of energies in terms of herz (i.e. megahertz, kilohertz, gigahertz) and even small pieces of crystal are used in Ultrasound therapy wands. Energy Healing can be particularly effective with animals because they do not have the inherent need for skepticism. They don’t know or are incapable of thinking that healing will or will not work. Therefore, it generally works very effectively, and quickly.

On the downside, because our buddies are so completely in tune with us, they can also pick up on our vibrations of distrust. In this case, healing may not be as effective. However, this is rare.

Crystals can be kept in water bowls to supercharge the water. Small crystals are often used as “bling” in collars to maintain calm among somewhat skiddish dogs. I personally keep a small rose quartz crystal in each of my dogs water bowls just to neutralize the water.

Clear Quartz crystals are the most powerful and effective crystals used in healing for several reasons. They can be used in geometric patterns to boost the frequency, but even better than that, they can be programmed. In particular, I have a set of crystals that are used to “Regenerate” damaged tissues. This greatly and quickly increases the cellular growth in both animals and humans and has been proven effective by colleagues of mine in Europe, (much to the surprise of medical staff). I do and have used these crystals on my “Greyt Hounds”, especially my little girl who has found inventive ways to lose any bandages places on her limbs. I have other crystals programmed with the intent of removing the energy of disease. The use of plain quartz crystals in geometric patterns specifically for physical or spiritual healing are also wonderful. Both of my Greys love the energy of crystals and will often place themselves within a pattern of crystals for a time if I have one set up on my healing room floor, just like they will find that patch of sunshine in a room.

Another extremely useful and effective tool that I use, are Healing Paddles. These are a set of paddles pertaining to the major chakras (energy centers) which are used by hovering them over the body (animal or human), set in different intricate geometric shapes and specific colours. These paddles are very gentle but highly effective, especially on animals. Let’s not forget “hands on” energy healing where the energy is applied directly with the flow of universal energy coming through the hands.

If you have any questions or are interested in healing for your animals (or yourselves), I will have a booth at the IAGL “It’s a Greyhound Life” event in October, a portion of the proceeds going to GLOHW, or you can contact me directly. I do recommend that healing of this nature be used in adjunct to veterinary care.

Claudia Dale,

Crystal and Spiritual Healer,

Your Soul’s Content,


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